Azure Magazine's Top 25 Designers

25 young designers who are leading the pack

Who is the future of design? Here are the individuals and teams whose work stands out for its originality, clarity and purpose. Our selection was made more complex by the abundance of youthful ingenuity all over the world. That said, “young” is relative. Ran ging in age from 26 to 40, our picks are at various stages in their careers: in school, just taking off, or on the brink of international acclaim. We’re spotlighting emerging designers who will soon be on everyone’s radar as they reinvent their professions, bring in new tools, re-evaluate old connections, pare down, gear up, and lead the movements that will transform our surroundings

By Ellen Himelfarb, Tim McKeough, David Sokol, Laura Traldi and Mimi Zeiger.
Edited by Elizabeth Pagliacolo

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