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“Water-Cooler,” a collaborative project between Jeremy Hatch and Jim Zimpel, presents an alternative to the generic, traditional drinking fountains available today.  Cast in porcelain, this piece transforms and elevates a ubiquitous, disposable Styrofoam ice chest into a utilitarian sculptural object. 

Porcelain, Steel, Plumbing Hardware
11” x 7” x 37”, 2015

At Toronto Offsite Design Festival - We got a Juror's Choice and some Love from Designlines! 

Ormolu Tray

Ormolu Tray:
The lid of a styrofoam cooler acquires heightened status as a porcelain serving platter, complete with gilded, ornate handles and feet.

See this piece along with others at the Untraditional exhibit at Made during the Toronto Design Offsite Festival.


Title: Re-cover
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: 16” x  9”

Hand-knit coat hangers are saturated with porcelain and fired,
burning-away the yarn, becoming a fossilized trace of the original.

What remains are fragile mementos of daily rituals and domestic activities.
Objects that contain and evoke opposite notions at the same time:
function and dysfunction, beauty and ugliness,
creation and destruction, remembering and forgetting...

New York Times

Shoe Toss was mentioned in the New York Times last week!
Check it out here.  Dont forget to look at the multi-media feature...


Their next stop was Made, a store specializing in work by emerging Canadian designers, where they were smitten with an unconventional light fixture called Shoe Toss. Designed by Jeremy Hatch, it had lifelike porcelain running shoes with lights inside and wires for laces, slung over wall-mounted electrical cables that resembled outdoor power lines.
“It’s beautifully crafted and very witty,” Ms. Moss said. “It’s like an urban joke: when you live in a city, you always see running shoes up on the wires.”

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Check out this new work 'tumble stack' that is currently on display at the Gardiner Museum.  
It is part of the $10,000 RBC Emerging Artist Award to be decided by popular vote!


From ominous to wistful, the ubiquitous sight of shoes over a power-line inhabits
many roles in our collective imagination and urban mythology.

Cast in porcelain, every detail of the tattered shoes are preserved and frozen in time.

Overhead cables carry a charge to the laces that power lights within.
Shoes can be added, removed or repositioned along the cables as the owner sees fit.

This work will be installed at MADE during the Toronto International Design Festival 2011.

Azure Magazine's Top 25 Designers

25 young designers who are leading the pack

Who is the future of design? Here are the individuals and teams whose work stands out for its originality, clarity and purpose. Our selection was made more complex by the abundance of youthful ingenuity all over the world. That said, “young” is relative. Ran ging in age from 26 to 40, our picks are at various stages in their careers: in school, just taking off, or on the brink of international acclaim. We’re spotlighting emerging designers who will soon be on everyone’s radar as they reinvent their professions, bring in new tools, re-evaluate old connections, pare down, gear up, and lead the movements that will transform our surroundings

By Ellen Himelfarb, Tim McKeough, David Sokol, Laura Traldi and Mimi Zeiger.
Edited by Elizabeth Pagliacolo

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New directions 2010

The most prevalent of the new currents is the shift towards craft in design: taking traditions like knitting, appliqué and embroidery, mouth-blowing and hand-throwing, to different levels. At its simplest, you'll see beautiful hand-embroidered or cut-work textiles, while elsewhere, it's a matter of pushing the boundaries of craft completely. Examples include the work of Ricochet Studios in Vancouver, which toys with our perception of ceramic, or the glass designer-artist Jeff Zimmerman in Brooklyn. The former has created a stir with its porcelain milk cartons (similar can be found at The ...

Read the full article here: New Directions 2010


The frame on an 18th Century vase exposes a soft interior.
To be included in the exhibition "Radiant Dark: Elegant Corruptions"
Limited edition.


An accumulation of interlaced candleholders.

The formal geometry and pattern of ornamental
arabesques are discarded in favor of random chaos.

There is no front or back, top or bottom
candles support the holder in any direction it is flipped.

(prototype recently shortlisted for Designboom's 'Beyond Silver' competition)


Over the next few weeks a selection of one of a kind wheel thrown 
ceramics will be posted in the Ricochet shop...check them out here.


Each candle holder is individually hand pinched 
from soft clay and glazed with bright gold luster,  
fetishizing the mark of the maker. 


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Satisfy your nostalgic memories of  school days before text messaging
with this classic pencil sharpener cast in pure white bone china.
A tribute to the everyday things in our lives.

Studio Castings

An edition of five bone china teapots that will have surface 
imagery designed by New York sculptor Chadwick Augustine.
Get ready for some color!

Biomimicry Project

  Here is a recently completed set of replicas for the Biomimicry Guild.  They will use these objects to conduct workshops with companies who want to incorporate sustainable design solutions by emulating the results that nature and evolution took millions of years to arrive at.  This kit is bound for the Kohler Factory in Wisconsin, and the next one goes to Boeing...  
To find out more about this inspiring consulting group look here:
(can you pick out the original from the copy?)

Shelf / Clamp

This shelf looks great on its own or holding your favorite books. 
Cast entirely in bone china, the working  f-clamp can open and close allowing for multiple configurations.  Each shelving unit is individually assembled - stay tuned for variations on the theme...