Biomimicry Project

  Here is a recently completed set of replicas for the Biomimicry Guild.  They will use these objects to conduct workshops with companies who want to incorporate sustainable design solutions by emulating the results that nature and evolution took millions of years to arrive at.  This kit is bound for the Kohler Factory in Wisconsin, and the next one goes to Boeing...  
To find out more about this inspiring consulting group look here:
(can you pick out the original from the copy?)

Shelf / Clamp

This shelf looks great on its own or holding your favorite books. 
Cast entirely in bone china, the working  f-clamp can open and close allowing for multiple configurations.  Each shelving unit is individually assembled - stay tuned for variations on the theme... 

SweetTooth Jar

Performance & visual artist/dentist David Khang sculpted this 
anatomically accurate, porcelain candy jar - available in
  gold, silver or white fillings (aka lids).
A limited edition of each color is currently in production 
at Ricochet Studio.

'Best Before' Milk Cartons

Every detail of the original is captured and recast in vitrified porcelain.  The interiors are glazed for functional use.

Architectural Ornament Commission

We are currently designing ornamental panels for the
Interurban building in historic New Westminster, BC.
Check back for updates.


A few shots of work in progress...

David Khang carving plaster prototype of tooth jar.
(training as a dentist put to good use)

Mold making process...

Diyan Achjadi working on her 'Mine' maquette.
See finished piece below.


This teapot is the first in a line of functional, modern ceramics to be designed and produced at Ricochet Studio. 

Diyan Achjadi's "Mine"

Printmaker Diyan Achjadi worked in the studio to develop "Mine".   Cast in porcelain,  this object uneasily fuses imagery of war and children's toys.  

Official and Registered

Ricochet Studio Inc. is now a registered company. Initiated by Vancouver artist Jeremy Hatch, Ricochet is dedicated to producing well designed, well crafted objects that span a broad spectrum of purposes: from functional to decorative, architectural to domestic, experimental to traditional. 
This also marks the first step in a project that focuses on creating limited edition ceramic pieces in collaboration with artists from various disciplines.  We are pleased to announce the first artists to join in: Diyan Achjadi and David Khang.